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The Chinatown Community Youths Club (CCY) and Chinatown Community Young Lions Inc. (CCYL) program represents a unique and successful effort in providing services for the children of our community. 44 years ago, CCY & CCYL programs was founded in order to create a Cultural program that would enable young kids between the ages of 6 to 17 years old, to participate and learn the traditions of Asian culture without having to join the established family associations or martial arts schools. We found that many children did not want to be obligated to any one organization, thus we decided that our concept would be that of a open door policy with total freedom. There have been hundreds of kids that have passed through our doors each benefiting in his or her on way from our program. With the help of community leaders in Chinatown, member parents, and donations from civic minded volunteers we have been able to maintain and deliver our programs under the Chinatown Community Youths Club and Chinatown Community Young Lions Inc.


   Over the past 44 years CCY and CCYL have performed throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions.  Through our collective efforts we were able to start other projects, which we call the Chinatown Community Youths Program. The program offers activities such as sports, counseling services, field trips, music appreciation, Asian dancing and Lion dancing. The programs that have been provided to our youths have been solely funded through the diligence and hard work of our members, volunteers and member families. Today our program participation has grown from 9 members to 500 active members. In addition, through our Executive staff and Board of Directors and volunteer affiliations we have been able to perform for unique venues, businesses, and political events.  We have performed for three Presidents of the United States, two New York Governors and five New York City Mayors, as well as local New York City Council members and District Leaders. We also perform at weddings, business grand openings, fashion shows and birthday parties; any event that requires the blessing of good luck, health, happiness and prosperity. 


  The successes of our two programs are due to the efforts and hard work of the members themselves. They are governed and directed solely by themselves and are a very independent and determined group of young people. Since our inception neither program has ever been sponsored by any City, State or Federal Agency. The community leaders, parents, business people and civic minded volunteers who cared very much for our children have funded our programs. Our limited staff of volunteers is made up of college students and parents who donate their time to supervise our two programs. None of our staff or directors is salaried. The members of our group pay no fees to join, and we do not collect any membership dues. All of our funding comes from donations from the community during the Luna New Years parades, special events performances and private donations.


    The Young Lions services not only the Chinese community, but donate our services to other agencies that need our support. We have performed in hospitals, nursing homes, senior citizen centers, schools, day care centers, settlement houses, Head Start programs and Asian festivals. We endear to teach our members the importance of community service and volunteerism for the benefit of others.




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